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Wall Hung Toilet

A wall hung toilet saves space in a bathroom, with tanks and bowls mounted with their back to wall so only the seat sticks out.

Buying the right type of wall hung toilet can be a fantastic way to ensure that you’re able to save a lot of space in the room, so that you can really open up the area.  Plus wall hung types are much more stylish, and can really give the entire bathroom a much more modern look. It’s just a matter of choosing the right type of toilet, that you know is going to be ideal for you to use everyday.  The toilet you choose is a decision that you can’t really take lightly, just because of the fact that they are a necessity, and you’re going to be using the one that you choose a lot.  That means you want to be careful about your decision, and you want to choose the right wall hung toilet that you know you’re going to actually enjoy using.

When it comes to any type of wall hung toilet, what you’re going to find is that they are basically exactly the same as any type of standard toilet, except for the fact that they are built right into the wall.  But that means you don’t have to worry about any plumbing or piping having to be installed into the room, and the toilet can actually be free hanging as all the pipes go through the back. What’s more, they are much smaller in most cases, but not inconveniently so.  They will free up a lot of space, and provide you with a much larger feeling bathroom.  But at the same time, they will ensure that you have plenty of space to sit and be comfortable while you’re using the toilet.

Remember also, that when you’re installing your wall hung toilet, you want to think about what type you choose just as any other kind.  That means you want to think about things like water usage, as well as how loud the flush is going to be.  Some wall toilets like these can muffle the flush quite a bit so that it’s not so loud, and you can keep a quiet and relaxing home.  But what’s more, you’ll also find that you can get types that feature water jets, so that they use less water, but are still able to stay just as clean as you would like, so that you can ensure your toilet is more eco friendly and perfectly sanitary.

But, unlike any type of standard toilet, with a wall hung toilet, even if you have plumbing knowledge, you’re going to want to ensure you have them professionally installed.  That’s because they have to have special load bearing supports, so that you’re able to actually sit on the toilet.  This literally will be suspended on the wall, and you want to ensure that yours can still be sat upon, without doing damage to your surroundings.

In choosing the right type of wall hung toilet, it’s always best to browse your options at home wares retailers.  Through stores like Target or Home Depot for example, you can browse all different types of toilets.  This way, you can find the right type of wall hung toilet based upon your own personal comforts, taste, or requirements for a bathroom appliance in your home.