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Toilet Bowl Cleaners

Who makes the best toilet bowl cleaners for your bathroom?

Toilet bowl cleaners are a necessary part of any home if you want to keep your toilet as hygienic as possible.  These are necessary components to keep a toilet from building up an excess of bacteria, which can be harmful to anyone who uses the toilet.  There are a wide variety of options available on the market, each with their own strengths and weaknesses.  Which type you choose depends on what’s most important to you, in the cleaning of your toilet.

One of the most common types of toilet bowl cleaners is bleach, and Clorox is one of the most popular makers of this form.  Lysol offers its own bleach version too.  These are tablets that you place into the tank above the toilet bowl.  With every flush, some of the bleach is released, and your toilet bowl is automatically cleaned.  Bleach is one of the strongest and best toilet cleaning products, as it kills any bacteria, and helps maintain a pleasing and clean white appearance inside the bowl.  The only problem with bleach used for toilet bowl cleaning is that when it is mixed with ammonia (urine) it releases a very harmful toxic combination into the air.  You won’t notice any ill effects for a very long time, but prolonged exposure can be very harmful to your lungs.

Another type of toilet bowl cleaner is blue liquid tablets.  Just like bleach tablets, these are placed into your toilet tank, and with each flush blue cleaner is released into the bowl.  Blue liquid works by creating a foam that kills bacteria, and removes mineral deposits.  But the long term problem with blue liquid toilet bowl cleaners, is that they can also damage your plumbing.  Blue liquid can crystallize inside your pipes, which over time can cause blockage that is very expensive to fix.  Usually requiring a plumber, and maybe even pipe replacement to resolve the blockage.

If neither of these options sounds very appealing to you, there are also a wide variety of natural toilet bowl cleaners.  One of the most common, and easiest to use, is soda.  Regular carbonated soda will break down mineral deposits, and also remove bacteria in the process. Cleaning your toilet with soda  also won’t cause any long term damage to your toilet bowl or plumbing, making it an effective alternative.

Another natural alterative that you can use for cleaning your toilet a combination of baking soda, lemon juice, and vinegar.  This forms a very effective means for removing any mineral buildup, and also killing bacteria in the process.  A natural toilet bowl cleaner requires more effort on your part, but there are also no ill effects.  The fumes aren’t toxic, and nothing in the combination could cause blockage within your pipes.  When used in conjunction with a toilet brush, or any other sort of toilet scrubber, this is just as effective as toilet bowl cleaners you could purchase at a store.

Any local department store will have all the supplies for all types of toilet bowl cleaners  The automatic toilet tank tablets are convenient, but could hurt you in the long run.  The natural options require more effort on your part, but you’ll be rewarded with a healthier and more environmentally friendly bathroom.