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Standing Toilet Paper Holder

A free standing toilet paper holder adds style and convenience to any bathroom.

A standing toilet paper holder is an attractive and useful way to store your bathroom tissue.  A free-standing holder allows you to add a whole new dimension of style into your bathroom décor, as these offer many more options than a traditional wall mounted dispenser.  Most standing toilet paper holders are all about aesthetic appeal, so the model that’s right for you really depends upon your tastes.  There are all different types, from wood designs, to metal, glass or even pewter.  Each having different prices that you can expect to pay.

In shopping for a free standing toilet paper holder, a specialty store or hardware store is probably going to be your best option.  Most department stores won’t have a very wide selection, and free-standing tissue holders are really all about style.  Stores like Ikea, or Pier 1, and even Home Depot are likely to have a wide selection of options to suit your home décor.  And remember, with the right standing tissue holder, you could always place it in an area where you find yourself needing a tissue at times, opposed to just the bathroom.

Some of the most common options are brass toilet paper holders.  These offer quality as the metal is made to last for a very long time, but are also pleasing to the eye.  Featuring a thin bar and circular base that’s perfect for any corner, these holders are typically 2-3 feet high, making ideal toilet bowl height.  The ability to move the holder also allows you to arrange your bathroom in more than a few different ways, by allowing you to change the setup around the toilet bowl.  Metal is usually a good option for a holder, as they are sturdy, and easy to clean.

Wooden standing toilet paper holders provide a nice antique appeal, but aren’t quite as practical.  Wood is plenty durable, and the holder won’t need to be very strong to support toilet paper, but wood isn’t the best bathroom surface.  A wooden holder could fall victim to bacterial traps if a toilet overflows.  Toilet water that comes into contact with the wooden surface could seep into the wood.  That means your toilet paper holder could harbor harmful bacteria, and anything that has seeped into the wood can’t be cleaned.

Your typical metal standing toilet paper holder will cost around $40 for a starting price.  But depending upon how elaborate the style is, the price can go well in excess of $100.  There are a variety of options from toilet paper holders that look like lamps, to storage holders made for many rolls that can give the appearance of a large candle.

Wooden standing toilet paper holders are around the same price as their metal counterparts.  Wood also has more options for aesthetic appeal.  There are wooden toilet paper stand holders that have the appearance of miniature cabinets, and also elegant looping wooden designs that look more like art than toilet paper holders.  The model you buy is only limited by your taste, as the options before you are almost infinite.