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Printed Toilet Paper

Printed toilet paper rolls can be used for novelty, with many funny possibilities, as well as advertising via custom logos or text.

When you’re looking for the perfect gag gift, you really can’t go wrong with printed toilet paper.  There are all sorts of different varieties and it’s really a great way to ensure that you have something funny that practically anyone is going to enjoy using, or even just keeping opposed to using, so that you can enjoy joke over and over again.  There are all sorts of different varieties as well, so that you can find a type of printed toilet paper for just about any interest, to achieve the joke that you’re really going for.  This way you have the most ideal joke for a family member or even close friend that you know is going to laugh their heads off when they open this present.

When you are looking for the most ideal printed toilet paper, what you’re going to find is that you really have a lot of different options, so you can choose the joke that’s really going to make an impact.  For example, one of the most popular creations are the brand name Crap Jokes toilet paper types. These are great because they literally feature a joke on every square, so that you have some reading while you’re in there, that you can enjoy for the entire roll.  What’s more, it also ensures that you have something really fun that you can even enjoy outside the bathroom, by reading off the jokes instead of just utilizing them as toilet paper in the end.

Of course, there are also hilarious printed toilet paper brands that are also ideal because they include pictures or funny designs of all different kinds.   For example, you can recreate the popular joke about the wealthy, by wiping your backside with paper that is meant to be printed like money.  There are also those with fun patterns like polka dots or stars, and even those that are licensed from bigger brands as well.  You can find Hello Kitty everything, and that includes printed toilet paper of just about any kind that you could want to add to your home in any shape, way or form.

What’s more, you can even order custom rolls from some places, so that you can create your own designs, or color combinations as well as jokes.  This way, you can have printed toilet paper that is made in a really unique way as a direct personal message to someone.  Of course it can be a bit costly, especially for tissue paper, but it is something that you can ensure is bound to make a huge impact as a really fun joke that’s going to get everyone laughing their heads off.

When you’re planning on buying some printed toilet paper, you always want to ensure that you’re visiting the right place where you can find plenty of options.  Typically this means you want to do your shopping online where you can find some options.  That means you want to visit sites like which has just about everything, and where you can find just about any variety of printed toilet paper that you could want to give as a gift.