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Lysol Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Lysol toilet bowl cleaner is amongst the most trusted in bathroom cleaning.

Sanitizing your toilet is necessary to maintain a healthy and hygienic home environment.  As the toilet can easily facilitate bacterial buildup, cleaning your toilet is essential.  As is choosing the right cleaner for your home, considering the market is flooded with a variety of different cleaning options.  But one of the best and most trusted names, is Lysol toilet bowl cleaner.

Lysol features a unique formula that is guaranteed to kill bacteria, remove mineral buildups, and do so with a minimum amount of effort on your part.  That means Lysol toilet cleaner is a quick and effective way to clean your toilet, without a back breaking scrubbing routine that other cleaners require.

Lysol toilet bowl cleaners come in a variety of different types, with three major options.  The first of which is the more traditional toilet bowl cleaning solution.  The Lysol brand comes in a unique bottle with a spout that points at an acute angle.  This is specifically designed so that the bottle can be turned upside down, to easily deposit cleaner around the rim of your toilet bowl.

To effectively use any Lysol toilet cleaner, you should deposit an even amount underneath the rim of your toilet bowl, and then let the cleaner work for around ten minutes.  Then, using a toilet brush, softly scrub the cleaner into the bowl, and then flush the cleaner away.  What results is a cleaner bowl, with a healthy white shine.

Another type of Lysol cleaner for toilets is the automatic Cling clip-on toilet bowl cleaner.  These are handy devices that work by clipping onto the rim of your toilet bowl.  Then the device will automatically spray cleaner into the bowl, every time you flush your toilet.  The Cling unit detects flowing water with every flush, and will evenly disperse cleaning fluid to kill bacteria, and remove mineral deposits.  This is an extremely useful way to clean your bowl, without the need for a toilet brush or more traditional Lysol toilet bowl cleaner.

The last and most high tech means of Lysol toilet bowl cleaner is the Ready Brush.  Essentially a toilet brush, this works by releasing cleaning fluid through the brush, while you scrub your toilet.  Basically this is a bottle of Lysol’s toilet cleaner with a toilet brush combined into one cleaning entity.  The cleaner comes in the form of cans that you can attach to the brush, so that cleaner is automatically released while you use the brush.  This makes for easy toilet cleaning, as you scrub away bacteria and mineral deposits with ease.

Any department store like Walmart, Target, or Kmart will have a wide variety of Lysol toilet bowl cleaner options.  A bottle of bleach cleaning fluid will usually cost around $3.  A Lysol automatic Cling toilet bowl cleaner will cost around $4.  If the Ready Brush is more your style, you can expect to pay around $30 for the brush, and $15 for cleaning fluid refills.  Any method will clean your toilet effectively and easily, and which type you choose depends only on your personal cleaning preferences.