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Clorox Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Clorox toilet bowl cleaner will keep your bathroom toilet spotless.

Cleaning your toilet often is a necessary hygienic part of everyday life.  Although it’s a task that not many people enjoy doing, Clorox toilet bowl cleaner can make the process easier.  That means less time that you have to spend scrubbing your toilet bowl, freeing up more time to spend elsewhere.  There are a variety of different Clorox products that will suffice, and really the type that works for you comes down to your unique preferences.

There are Clorox toilet bowl cleaners that work automatically, and then types that require a toilet brush for you to scrub yourself.  The automatic cleaner comes in the form of tablets that are inserted into your toilet’s water tank at the back of the unit.  There are usually two different types of automatic cleaner, and Clorox produces both.  The first type are Clorox bleach tablets, and these work by filling the toilet tank with a bleach compound.  Each time the toilet is then flushed, bleach is released to kill bacteria and remove mineral deposits without the need for scrubbing.

The other type of toilet tablet is Clorox blue liquid tablets.  These come in the form of blue colored tablets that release a blue liquid into your toilet tank.  With each flush, blue liquid will enter the bowl, and form a foam that cleans away any buildup.  This is useful for automatically cleaning your toilet with minimum effort on your part, but also turns the water in your toilet blue.  So for aesthetic appeal reasons, this may not be an ideal choice.

The other major form, Clorox toilet bowl cleaner with bleach, comes in a unique bottle in which the spout points at a sideways angle.  That’s because this cleaner is for use with a toilet brush, and requires application directly under the toilet bowl’s rim.  The bottle makes it easy for you to evenly disperse some of the bleach cleaning fluid around the entire rim of the bowl.  Then by using a toilet brush, you simply have to lightly scrub the cleaner into the bowl, and then flush the cleaner away.  This can be more effective than automatic cleaners, as the scrubbing motion is more effective than chemical compositions for removing mineral buildups.  Although this type of Clorox toilet bowl cleaner will require more effort on your part.

The price is relatively the same for both automatic cleaning tablets, and bottles of cleaning solution.  Depending upon the store, the price usually ranges between $3-$5.  But you can also save money by purchasing bulk cases online at retailers like  You can find cases of 12 cleaner packs for around $35-$40, which means you could be getting one or two bottles for free.  But check your local discount department stores first, to make sure the bulk price will actually be saving you money.  Remember to factor shipping into the overall cost as well, because buying from a Walmart doesn’t require a shipping cost.

Both types of toilet bowl cleaners are guaranteed to keep your toilet more sanitary, and will have varying levels of effectiveness depending upon how often you use them.  Clorox toilet bowl cleaner is very effective, and choosing either automatic or manual cleaning methods will have your toilet bowl shining with a healthy white glow.