Covering the toilet brush and other cleaning supplies

Toilet Brush

A toilet bowl brush will ensure a clean toilet in your bathroom.

A toilet brush is a necessary component of any household for sanitary, as well as aesthetic reasons.  There are a wide variety of options available on the market as well, to ensure that you find a brush that’s pleasing to the eye.  Many feature creative designs for the purpose of fitting in with your décor, so that the toilet brush takes an unnoticed seat in the background.  Although, those types of brushes can be expensive, so if that isn’t your style, there are the much cheaper options widely available.

So first consider what’s most important to you in a toilet brush.  Do you want an item that will easily and successfully fit into the background of your bathroom, so that guests barely notice its existence?  If so, there are many options of varying styles that can be specifically tailored to the design of your bathroom.  Many feature metal toilet brush designs in a variety of different shapes, and you can also find different colors if you would like to color coordinate.  The fancier the toilet bowl brush, however, the higher the price is going to become.  Sometimes as high as $50-$70.  Not everyone can justify paying so much for a simple toilet brush set.

If an expensive brand just isn’t your flavor, there are much cheaper options widely available.  At any discount department store in your area you’ll find a perfectly functional and cheap toilet brush made of plastic.  Brands like Rubbermaid provide cheap brushes that are just as effective as an expensive brush, but for a mere fraction of the price.  Although not as aesthetically pleasing, the price of around $5 to $10 will be much more agreeable to your bank account.

There is a certain level of care that you’ll have to take with your toilet brush, no matter which you purchase.  After heavy, or even light use, a brush will get dirty, and which can cause the color to turn to an unhealthy yellow.  To prevent this, regular cleaning of your toilet brush is recommended.  You may even want to store it in a toilet brush holder to keep the rest of your bathroom unexposed from the bacteria that your toilet bowl brush picks up. This is also a good idea, as cleaning your toilet with a dirty brush isn’t doing as much good as a clean brush will.

To clean a toilet brush, the best strategy is usually to use bleach.  Fill a small bucket with hot water, and add approximately a cup of bleach.  Let the water sit for a moment, so that the bleach can really start to work.  Then place your toilet brush into the mixture, and leave it there for an hour or so.  This way any bacteria on the brush will be eliminated, and the bristles will return to their original white color.  This is much more pleasing to the eye, and also a more sanitary way to handle any toilet brush.

Just remember, with any harmful chemicals that you use to clean your toilet, make sure the area is well ventilated.  Don’t forget, after use, make sure you rinse off the toilet brush to clear any material from the bristles, so that bacteria doesn’t multiply.  That’s the best way to get the most out of your toilet cleaning.